Valentine card thoughts

I got a very ornate valentine from my outrageously talented cousin this week. She displays her work daily on her blog. Her abundance of talent reminds me of the my lack of it. Several family members are gifted. None of this artistic talent pool has found its way to me or, so it seems, my children.

The kids do get a yearly opportunity to display artistic talents in their valentines. Typically C has spent weeks cutting and pasting hearts and giving the kind of homemade valentines that were common 30 years ago but hardly seen today. N, not one who is drawn to scissors or crayons, has been pretty uninterested on the homemade valentine front.

This year the trend reversed itself - using a computer, N and I designed and printed original valentines for his class, while C took the easy route and gave candy. N did much more on his own than before and then taped on candy to each valentine.

N wanted to take an after school art program at school. Hopefully the artistic gene's skipped a generation and went straight from my Dad to my son. It would be great if he found his niche somewhere artistic.

Again, a moment to compare my poor kids. The truth is that I am proud that C made her own valentines until now, and I have no reason to be ashamed that N didn't create elaborate cards on his own until he could do it in Word. The fabulous art that my cousin Q makes also employs a computer for part of the process. That doesn't make it any less of an art.


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