Stupid parents!

At least once a day someone says or does something I don't like. About once a week it is so upsetting that I imagine saying what I think about this person to them - I even carry on the rest of the conversation in my head. About once a month someone says or does something that makes me want to cry or hit them.

I manage to refrain (usually from the tears, always from the hitting)
because that is what sane people do.

I read this article today about a Bridgewater-boneheaded coach (presumably a parent of a 5th or 6th grader) who did NOT take that breath, count to five or even just call someone a bad name as the rest of us would.

I get overzealous at a soccer game from time to time. I've even offered to get ice cream for the whole soccer team if they win. Last month a judge told me not to coach my kids from the sidelines when she was sparring at a karate tournament. And I am sure that people were shocked when I asked a couple of challenging (but appropriate, if you ask me) questions of the Superintendent when he visited our school to sell the budget.

And while there are lots of people I would LOVE to bop in the nose, I cannot imagine doing it.

I never have thought of myself as someone with great restraint, but now I see that in Bridgewater the bar is low. If a parent thought hitting another parent at a basketball game for a lame comment was within reason - then I am good as gold for my "negative thoughts".

Now every time someone googles this bonehead - say, a prospective employer, or even a nosy neighbor - a report in the Courier of an assault charge will come up.

REMEMBER FOLKS, Kids on a field or in a tournament are KIDS. Words are fine, violence isn't.

Remember parents: if you have even less patience than I do, coaching isn't for you!

Remember kids: usually you have to take parents' behavior and words with a grain of salt. Clearly the kids on this team have to learn to "do as I say and not as I do" when it comes to their coach, or we're in trouble as a town!

Remember parents: there is always someone with even worse judgment and less self-control than you!!

I'm so glad that my 5th grader doesn't play basketball... but she sure wishes she'd seen that fight!


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