Wish we were like Hillsborough

I am supposed to be working on a "short" editing gig. Short my ASS! The person who wrote the original knows even less about accounting terms than I do (and the bar is very low!). I'm being paid for 6 hours of work, but it will likely take twice that since I'm too insecure to tear apart the work, but sure of myself enough to be convinced that she/he (I don't know the writer) is using the wrong terms and I have spent many hours pouring through my big dictionary as well as a bunch online. E.g.: Is it called a non-current asset or fixed asset?

But enough about me.

I don't have time to write much tonight as the misery of this annual report has many hours of haunting left in it, but a friend alerted me (SDB) to the high road being taken by the Superintendent in Hillsborough schools. They are also looking at a budget that will raise taxes, but their Superintendent has offered to forgo his raise!!!. Read the article in the Courier.

While I don't read his blog regularly, I do know about local blogger Dick Bergeron. He picked up this ball and ran with it. This is what he had to say. Dick, I agree with you - but I have to admit, I have now been to hear BRRSD's Superintendent speak about the budget 3 times (I coulda gone last night for a 4th time, but I had to wash my hair). I would beg to differ. He wasn't quite wearing a "VOTE YES" t-shirt, but his entire message is just that. Yes, he wanted to push the turnout, at the same time, he clearly wanted people to vote yes. Maybe he didn't say it straight out: "Vote Yes!" but that was the message every parent went home with.

As an aside, when we first moved to NJ over five years ago I went to my first "Back to School Night". The principal directly solicited parental yes-votes at his welcome speech! I remember I left that night shocked, and wondering if it were illegal.

I get that schools need to have the budget passed. My kids will suffer direct consequences if it doesn't. I'm just so glad to see Hillsborough's Super has the balls to do give up his personal gains as even a token of his attempts to cut expenditures (in the big picture it doesn't save much actual money)! The pressure's on, Dr. Schilder (and all the other 6-figure employees of BRRSD), offer up your cost of living raises! Many of us have had much bigger consequences of the financial crisis but we still have to pay our rising taxes.

Take one for the team, Dr. S! It'll make for lighter fingers in the voting booth....

Thanks for the blog on BRRSD's budget! Here's a song for you, Dick.


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