Dropped ball

I was planning to attend last night's BOE meeting. I wanted to voice my concern about the apparently lack of teacher training in advance of the school year's two new curricula implementations. I also was disappointed by the lack of constructive information on the writing program at the district-organized presentation last week.


I completely forgot the meeting yesterday evening.

Is it worth it to e-mail each BOE member?

Do they find it annoying when parents contact them? Do they care??? It's too late to change it, but they should know how parents feel, shouldn't they? *I* appreciate advice, but I have a feeling now that they are in their terms they don't want to hear from us. Especially if we are complaining about their "results."

I can't get the time back (and neither can the district). It wasn't a bad idea to go to bed at 9:45 last night, I guess. Hopefully the extra sleep has helped my brains to regenerate.


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