You know it's soccer season when... spend the entire morning looking for a certain numbered jersey (which you eventually find), and spend hours lecturing your daughter on misplaced soccer paraphernalia.

You also know it is soccer season when you are 5 minutes from the away game (which is 1hr 15 minutes from your house) and your daughter announces, meekly, that she left her cleats in Bridgewater.

There are almost no houses nearby when she states this, much less Target stores with size 9 cleats in stock.

I wish I were the type of mom who would shrug and say, "guess that's just part of soccer season". I'm not.

PS Only C is lucky enough that one of the coaches has a pair of worn out cleats in just her size in his gym bag. She got to play! They won 1-0. She played forward for a while and then goalie for the 2nd half.


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