It's Thursday. The kids didn't like what I made for dinner. C said the meat was too pink. N said it was burned.

N has to be in TKD clothes, C needs to wear soccer gear, AND cheer stuff. She'll do an hour of both, just as she did last night.

While I try to NOT kill the children - they've only been home for a bit over an hour, it's hardly fair that I be this upset over an uneaten dinner - I got online and read the following two articles.

A story from one of my favorite writers (filling in for another that I love):

This raises the bar TOO high! What perfect Moms serve their kids:

Hope they keep you from worrying too much about whatever may be bothering you, too!


Jem said…
Thanks for sharing those articles. I love Carl Hiaasen. Have you read his novels. They're a hoot!

As for those bento boxes, I'm half inspired, have defeated. I paid over 8 bucks today for lunch. Did I really need to? I could have packed my own lunch, but I didn't get home until 8 p.m., yada yada yada (= tv watching and blogging).


Again, thanks for sharing.


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