Overwhelmed soccer mom

It's been a bit much this week. Back to school, major changes in the soccer situation and the information overload (underload?) at last night's presentation has my head spinning. I need to regroup before I can send my thoughts over cyberspace.

I had a very strong reaction to last night's meeting.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the changes in soccer.

I am enjoying my online class, but doubt I will get to even half the reading by Tuesday.

I have guests which are wonderful, but am (as usual) wondering if I said something I shouldn't have. I think I asked one or two questions too many.

Very thought provoking meeting with N's teacher. She seems fantastic. Miss Fantastic might be a good name for her, but am I jinxing something if I baptize her with that pseudonym? With so little brain cells left to process, I wonder when I will actually be able to sit and think about these things.

There's a blog in here somewhere - or maybe there are five blogs? But for now I have to start dinner.

Have a good weekend, dear readers.


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