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Today I was in my own little nirvana...At a yard sale I bought 18 skeins of various yarns for $16.

New yarn in various textures and colors. Bright and fluffy, soft and subtle. Oh the possibilities! Maybe these skeins will become 10 scarves? What about hats for 16 friends? Maybe I will make things to sell? Maybe for a 40th birthday gift? A Christmas giftie? Maybe 10 gifties. I could combine them all for a very cool (albeit a bit strange) skirt. Teachers' gifts? Endless possibilities.

Some will stay in the recently organized "knitting section" of my closet until just the right moment when a certain friend calls me to say "I've got some good news!"

I love vast opportunities in 16 little balls of yarn. Such joy, such optimism!

What a great Saturday!


Jem said…
Wow! What a steal! Those balls of yarn are veritable blank canvasses. Will you have time to knit?

I just set away for a new set of patterns. Plush toys shapped like aliens. I know, I'm whacky!


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