It all begins

Tonight is it - the last night of no plans until November. We are about to enter the most hectic fall of our six years in Bridgewater.

The worst part: the schedule isn't even 100% ready! We haven't heard a confirmed day or time for cheer practice and I don't know a single time for either soccer or football games!

Mondays - Taekwondo for both kids
Tuesdays - Taekwondo for both kids (optional for N)
Wednesdays - Soccer for C
Thursdays -* Cheer for C, Taekwondo for N
Fridays - Taekwondo for C (optional/make-up)
Saturday - Cheer (Football games) for C, Storming Robots for N
Sunday - Soccer Game for C

In addition - I am taking an online college class and have homework due Tuesdays and Fridays. There is 1 soccer tournament on the calendar and 2 taekwondo tournaments - but dates are TBD. We have guests scheduled to come for 4 nights in September and for 2 weeks in October, plus my father is planning for several week's here this fall. He is actually a huge help, especially with the dog but it is an extra person to keep tabs on.

And then there is the most important part of all: HOMEWORK. I have heard that both my daughter and son have teachers who pile it on.

Maybe the Fall will go as quickly as the Summer flew by and I'll blink my eyes and will be mailing off the Christmas cards.

Or maybe I will learn the lesson that I continually try to teach myself: savor every moment. Every lesson, every practice because in a blink of an eye your kids are in college and gone! It's not about rushing from activity to activity but about getting the most enjoyment and best experience out of each of them.

I feel like I am already 10 minutes late........


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