Today was the first Monday of the rest of the year. The day went by fine. I watched someone's 4 year old for most of the day, so it was pretty mellow.

Once school got out it was a whirlwind. Homework has started and activities are in full swing.

How am I going to manage to keep up the pace? I drove to and from TKD 3 times (drop C at TKD, on way home pick up N at school, start his homework, drive him to TKD, pick up C, run errands with her, back to TKD to pick up N), back home for dinner and to finish homework before reading and bed.

I'm frazzled. Exhausted. Mentally and physically!

I saw that C is wearing make-up when she thinks I don't know about it. I laid into her about that. I called her deceitful. Whatever happened to the nice, honest C? When did this get so hard??? Why does this make me feel like such a failure?! At least our little errand trip gave me a chance to discuss this alone with her. Is that the silver lining of all the driving?

Maybe the challenge of how to get a balanced meal on the table, timed precisely to our arrival, while not being home to make it, isn't the biggest issue I faced today.

One friend's Facebook status says: Mondays are tough...Tuesdays will be tougher...Wednesdays will be aahhhhhh I don't wanna think about it. Where did the life of leisure go?

I think my status should be "Ditto".


Jem said…
How old is C? I seem to remember that makeup and getting one's period went hand in hand.


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