Allergic to MIL???

I have been suffering from allergies for the last two weeks - the sniffling and sneezing kind. This morning took the cake, however, when a stomach bug took over my body. Yuck! We had spent last night in the Poconos at our friends' house. I skipped breakfast and the water park. Still queasy, T cleaned up and packed the car and I helped a little bit. I sucked it up, kept the windows open and drove home. Now the troops are heading to Hibachi. Totally not appetizing!!!! My mother-in-law teased that I'm actually allergic to her, since the last time my stomach went ape-shit was at their house this Christmas. Usually I have the stomach of steel. Two stomach bugs in 4 months is rare for me.

I've been thinking about this: how come it takes a stomach bug to get me to spend the day in bed with a book? How come when men are sick they just say no, close the door and let the world operate without them? We women tend to say a wishy-washy MAYBE and finish what we started as soon as we can lift our heads off the pillow (or the bathroom floor). Case and point: I don't feel like unpacking the car, but I'm going to do it anyway. Then I'm going to put away the clean clothes piled on my bed.

Everyone else is at the restaurant. If I don't do it, it won't get done... and if I've learned anything in today's blog it is that women should spend more time in their beds. :-)


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