Rainy Sunday can't rain on my Saturday parade....

I'm still too proud over big N's achievement's yesterday to get bogged down in politics today. But this was brought to my attention. If you are a "political reader" of my blog, you can read my comment to get my opinion.

Otherwise I am still going to ignore the rain - at least until I have to sit in it at C's soccer game this afternoon - and basque in the knowledge that N met his biggest goal this year (since I can't basque in the sun). Even his sister beamed with pride. We are all still in the post-black belt happy state. Hopefully this increase in self-confidence will find its way to other parts of his life. The picture is from the start of yesterday's testing. The first of many many push-ups that N knocked out like nobody's business! More pictures once I download them. The camera is in my car, which is in the rain........

It's the perfect weather to curl up and knit.  Started a wedding gift for CM yesterday - don't really have a prayer to finish it by June 6th, but I'm gonna try. Need to make something warm and yummy for dinner on this chilly, rainy day. A soup? A stew? Hmmm....  Wegmans calls.


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