Performance review

Sometimes I suck at my job! (I felt this way when I was gainfully employed too sometimes).

Today was a lost day in the world of parenting.

Bad start: I couldn't get my kid to extra help this morning because I kept him out too late last night. I think he missed it last week, too. Did he even have breakfast? Did C?

Bad middle: I was at school during snack and N didn't have one and was hungry. How pathetic I am! I asked him why he didn't bring one himself this morning, but I know I should have packed it, just like good moms do. After all, he's only 9!

Bad end: Major soccer-carpool glitch. My fault? Not my fault? In the end it's always Mom's fault!!! Also, N went to a concert in dirty pants because I forgot to wash them.

Bad bedtime: C's cell phone is missing and Mom's magical "fix-it, find-it" ain't working.

Also - something was bothering N. He wouldn't tell me what. :-(

Finally: it's 10pm. My kids are still up - and have been up til 10 every night this week. WTF is wrong with my parenting skills?!


Anonymous said…
You're human, Poppet.

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