What to say?

You know how I feel. I'm very disappointed about the failed budget. We lost by some 170 votes.

I am trying to find optimism. I posted this on FB a few weeks ago - maybe here too? I like the very controversial Bill Maher.

"It doesn't matter what teachers do. (...) What matters is what PARENTS do. The number one predictor of a child's academic success is parental involvement. It doesn't even matter if your child goes to private or public school. (...) It's been proven that just having books in the house makes a huge difference in the child's development." (Bill Maher).

That's the silver lining. We have plenty of books in the house and we certainly are involved. So even if the schools fall apart completely my kids have something indicating that they will still get into college and live fruitful lives:

the values at home.

But I am allowed to be bummed. Already everyone is blaming everyone else. As I said before, people vote no for many reasons.

I've been hoping for congeniality after the election. That's also learned in the home - but unlike with books, maybe my house isn't the best place for kids to learn by example??????


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