How to make people NOT want to go to a BOE meeting...

1) Have a 10 page agenda (link below)

2) Add 228 pages of accompanying documents - is a "reorganization meeting" some kind of euphonium?

3) Have no direct mention of the failed budget (forgive me if I missed it). You'd think it'd be there as it's the biggest issue of the week. Is it a pink elephant?

4) Have the next two meetings be on the agenda for vote as "closed sessions". Sounds to me like "speak now or forever hold your peace!" Do they mean partially closed or entirely closed? This puts pressure on people to go and speak tonight, when there is more than enough to talk about. Do I have 4 hours to commit tonight?

I think I want to be like the pink (well, gray at least) elephant: in my living room!

Ellen is more tempting than this agenda! Jill, Cindy, Jeffrey and Evan or Cara, Ellen, Randy and Simon??? Even if they cut the music program (which isn't on tonight's agenda) our talented kiddies still have a chance to be on Idol.

(Image (of Ellen, not the pink elephant) from - accessed 4/27/2010)


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