N is testing for his blackbelt this morning. My little boy is up for the challenge - but does he know that? As usually I have big big big complaints against the school:

1) They are making huge changes to how they do the black belt testing. Today's the trial run. Why does N always have to be in these situations. It is hard enough to do the test when you know what to expect.

2) They haven't practiced sparing in ANY class we have been to in the past 3 weeks. So he literally hasn't practiced Sparing in 3 weeks.

3) The final class he went to, they wasted time practicing some useless technique, that they might use sometime, but not at the black belt testing.

4) The school (as every school, every classroom, pretty much every teacher) plays favorites. This place does too - and one of the favorites is testing. Sometimes I get why a kid is favorite - but not this one. She is in the clique of Moms that won't even say hello to you in the grocery store. I might have blogged about these bitches before... when you sit several hours a week in the same waiting area of the TKD school, you at least smile and nod when you see another Mom/Dad at Wegmans!!!! Anyway - not good for N that this kid is testing at the same time.

But these are my nerves talking. N is a great kid and all the other kids are in the same boat. The other Moms (well, the ones who talk to me at least) are nervous too. N does have an advantage - he has been to lots and lots of tests before so he knows what to expect. Except for the big changes - venue, the large number of other children testing and the lack of practice on sparing - he may have an advantage!

These tests are tough. Tears are common - sometimes the kids crack under the pressure. I've seen at least one person run to the bathroom to puke. Last time a mother fainted and had to be taken away by ambulance!

Anything can happen!!! Fingers and toes crossed. Time to wake my boy!


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