What's going on?

I never studied what was euphemistically called "Earth Science". I think it is the only time in my 13 years of public school that my parents called and asked the school to "make an exception" and put me in the advanced sciences program, where as a Freshman I took Biology. "Geology is not real science," he claimed. I think they harbored hope that I would follow in the medical footsteps as family tradition held.... I think they're over it now.

But, today for the second time in my life (the first was when I worked for an oil company) I wish I'd had a bit more geology!

I feel a little insecure about our planet! Yesterday there was another major earthquake in China, some 12 hours' drive from the provincial capital - following soon after huge quakes in Mexico, Chile and, of course, Haiti. A family friend's flight was canceled - along with hundreds of others throughout northern Europe - because of the erupting volcano in Iceland. A few weeks ago even Far Hills, NJ had minor earthquakes.

Anyone else feeling this insecure about our planet? Could "the big one" happen here????!!!!

(Image from BT.no)


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