In less than 4 months I'll be 40. My goal for weeks and years has been to reach my "ideal" weight - which for me means what I weighed before I had kids. A doctor may say that's it's less than that or not, but this is my blog, and my body, and my goal! Pre-C weight is it!

The problem is laziness and low effort on my part. I was only 6 pounds from my goal a few years ago. Now I am about 20 pounds away (save a pound or two I've been stable at my weight for about a year).

So why then, when I know the gym has a class that I like to take at noon am I sitting on my duff in the kitchen 25 minutes before it starts, still in my PJs? How come I am not outside taking the dog for a run or a walk? I now have 2 weddings to go to in the near future. Why am I not typing and stepping at the same time? And what did I eat for breakfast?

I spoke to my favorite bride-to-be today (yes, I mean my big sister) who asked why I'm not in publishing professionally - since she loves my Christmas cards every single year. I mumbled a lame excuse. It's the same with these last 20 pounds. Why not? No good answer there, either!

I can do this. It isn't a complicated thing! I even bought lots of new workout clothes when MIL was here last week.

But then again, let's face it... I'm a lot like the guy in blue in this video... food usually looks too good, no matter what form it takes! Off to Exerwise... wish me luck!


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