Happiness via the USPS...

When I grew up I had 3 sisters. Two bigger, one younger. The younger sister is my biological sister. The two others were our neighbors and my babysitters and I loved them like they were true sisters. When I got married - I got ready for the wedding at their house because they were my family too - and they always knew what to say and do. In fact they gave me a nice shot of liquor just before I left for the church.

Last August I contacted one of them and said I really missed them and wanted to see them - even giving dates, but never followed through. I feel very guilty about this. I never heard back from her, and the longer time went on, the longer I felt that I had done something wrong, so I retreated and didn't call her. Dumb move - because I know that she would understand... I just got busy, then the week passed and I realized I saw on my calendar "New Hampshire" written in pencil with a question mark. I sent Christmas cards as I always do, but I never wrote the "I'm sorry I didn't come see you....."

Then today I got something in the mail. Something totally unexpected. An envelope HANDWRITTEN ... and it literally said Ms. POPPET (and my last names). Only two people beyond my elderly Aunts and Uncles call me Poppet... and this came from one of them. A wedding invitation.

I'm so happy to hear CM is remarrying. I know nothing about her fiance and I don't care. I am just so happy for my big sister... the person who I went to no matter what growing up. The person who knew things weren't always hunkey-dorey at 501 Pinewoods... but she loved me all the same. The person who bestowed upon me the same love you bestow upon a sister. Cortla is getting hitched. Long ago she did, too. I flew across the country to be there because she holds such a special place in my heart (and because I think my parents sprang for the airline ticket. :-) I wrote a special poem then. I'll have to do something just as nice this time. Won't be a poem - but it will be something special. Suggestions always welcome.

I'll get to see all my loved ones... I can't wait!!!

Click on this link, CM. It's just for you!!! Thanks, CM, for watching all that Sesame Street with me and loving me just the way I am.


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