3rd time's a charm

After blogging about my fear of being obsolete, I realize lots of people need me.

My Dad needs me... and all I do is yell at him. He got a new laptop this weekend (he needed my husband to help him pick it out and set it up), and while I wish I had the boundless patience to deal with his necessary questions, I find that I lose my temper easier with him than with anyone else in the world. Why is it that I am kinder to a stranger at Wegmans than to the people closest to me?

Speaking about being needed and being kind to strangers, I am still on the 2010 knitting frenzy. This weekend I knit a hat. My friend has jumped through more than a few hoops to become pregnant, and I wanted to make something special for her new baby. My friend suddenly lost her Mom about a week after her baby was born, and my heart is breaking for her, at the same time that I am so thrilled for her!  So at the risk of spoiling the surprise (as if a new Mom who is also taking an MBA has time to read my blog), I'll post a picture of my newest creation. It looks a bit like a birthday cake, but I haven't finished it, yet...

4 different yarns - one cool result
I realized LOTS of people need me. N wanted to know why I wanted to go back to work. I said that my kids were starting to be so independent. "I still need you!" N retorted. I stand corrected. I am not obsolete! (I love having a son! Daughters just don't admit to needing their mothers.)

Besides the hatless, my son and my dog and my husband and my computer-illiterate father, I have friends. It seems as though everyone is going through their midlife crisis this summer. Since no one I know has the funds to spend it on a hot car - like a man might - we have spent a lot of time talking things out. I need my friends to listen to me, and I listen to my friends when they need me. Co-dependency at it's best!

And, the school needs me. I am co-chairing a book fair starting Friday and I offered to help another book fair at the school where my children no longer attend. I love that school, I'd almost have more kids just to send them to Mrs. R's kindergarten class! I miss it already and my last kid finished there in June.

And the Board of Ed needs me. They need me to tell them what they don't see or maybe want to see in a public forum. They need to be reminded how most kids/families experience the district. They need to hear about priorities and opinions beyond their own. They need to see that we care and we vote!

The working world needs me to. It just doesn't know it yet! 

And, the daughter who seemed not to need me on Friday, certainly needs me today.What could she possibly need me for?

A ride home from Philadelphia airport.

I'll leave in a little while - long before her flight is due in. Why? Because I need an hour to myself. Maybe I'll stop in Philly and treat myself. I could use a massage... a pedicure or a long lunch! Or all three, but I'll settle for an overpriced coffee.

I need me too!


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