Best laid plans sometimes get waylaid...

No BOE meeting for me tonight....

I accidentally left the keys in the ignition this afternoon. The car wasn't running but the lights automatically stayed on, so when it came time to drive the kids to TKD, the battery had died. T came home from work to give the car a jump, but by that time I'd missed the early TKD class. Instead of driving home at 7pm to give me plenty of time to make an 8pm meeting, N took the later class which didn't get out until 7:50 - and I walked into our house at 8:15. If the meeting were going to go on until 11pm, I could probably make the effort and have it be worthwhile.... but I decided a good night's sleep after a long day was probably a better use of my time.

Short blog today. Use the time you would have spent on this blog doing something nice for yourself. Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a nice bath and listen to a little evening music or this Beethoven beauty instead.


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