Week one: summary

It was the first week of school. I've been working nearly full time as co-chair of my son's book fair. It's a lot of work but I enjoy it. I hope that the PTO appreciates it - I got more help soliciting from friends than through PTO channels and I am less than impressed with the new leadership thus far!

Since it is a BEAUTIFUL sunny Friday afternoon and I would rather be outside walking/running Diego than typing in the kitchen, I'll keep it simple.

C: Middle School isn't as bad as expected. Latin is going to be a lot of work - more than C expected. Cheerleading is still cool. How do you pass Latin? Ora et labora....

N: Two teachers (co-teaching) and I'm not sure which one I'll like better, but both T & I came home with the impression that he got 2 great teachers! X-box Live is addictive (and yes, inappropriate for his age level - guess what, Mom didn't get it for him).

T: Glad that the equipment arrived, so he can reseed the back yard. Won't the yard ever just grow? Grow-die-grow-die-grow-die.... it's almost like the kitchen: clean, cook, eat, mess, clean, cook, eat, mess in an unending spiral.

L: Was in a funk after dream job fell through without as much as an interview. Am trying not to give up before I've really started.

Diego: Thinks Mom needs to get off the running kick. Can't we just sniff ever post, pole and mailbox and turn around?

Weekend is just a stone's throw away. Enjoy!


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