Creative morning

This was a good morning.

This was a GREAT morning!

My daughter got herself ready and on the bus and I stayed in bed, gaining an extra 1hr and 45 minutes of sleep! Last night I quizzed her on Latin vocabulary. Coquus is kitchen, servus is slave, impluvium is the basin in the atrium where water comes in from the conpluvium, the angled roof.... was latriat he barks? Hmmm... I wonder if she remembered more than I do. I hope so!!!

When I finally dragged myself out of bed and made my son some breakfast, he drew me a picture. Yesterday I bought some Mums. One of them sits between our kitchen and family room.
Actual plant
N's drawing

Although he likes art class at school, he never was a kid who drew or colored much at home. I'm not saying he is talented, but N has never been interested in drawing before and I'm thrilled!

A little while later I checked the time on my cell phone I found a message from dear friend. It said:

Just saw glee for the first time ever. Heard "What I did for love". It always impressed me that you did that - you can do anything you want. You rock. :)

She was referring to the fact that in high school I sang a solo at the talent show. I wasn't particularly talented, and certainly was neither popular or pretty, but I was willing to give it a try. I don't remember whether I hit all the notes or whether my voice cracked.  I never knew I impressed anybody - I figured my friends thought I was crazy or stupid or both. Guess I have to start watching Glee......

What comes around goes around. I'm happy that my kids are trying new things, and my friend was impressed that I tried something ages ago. It has been a long time that someone said "you can do anything you want" or called me "impressive" (to my face at least) in any way. Positive reinforcement feels good. I need to remember to give it to the people in my life more often!

Sometimes a great start makes enough happiness to shine through the whole day. Happy Thursday, folks!


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