it's not really green

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. It is 7:45 am and I have been doing PAPERWORK since before 6:30. Haven't even had my coffee yet!

I won't get time to write a real blog today either as my to do list is 12 bullet points long and I haven't remembered everything on there, but I do want to continue my discussion (the one in my head, the one you can't hear) of BRRSD and the NJ Monthly standings, and such lists in general. I want to walk and talk with friends. I don't want to continue faxing papers to the flexible spending office or sign yet another form that I had to print out for school.

When did paperless simply mean not BRRSD's paper???? I'm not mad that they are trying to save money. I'm mad that they are having us print stuff in the name of being green. I don't mind paying for my paper in lieu of using tax-payers funds. I do mind the fact that it is completely unclear what forms are relevant and need to printed, and which are not applicable.

Ah, I digress....

One more question on the to-do-list in my brain:

* NJASK (New Jersey's answer to No Child Left Behind testing)

When are we going to get our kids' scores? And WHY haven't we heard anything? I know another district received their scores several weeks ago. I am wondering if our scores were so bad that the powers that be don't want to inform parents! Call me paranoid.....

Call me "the paperwork lady"! Back to the fax machine...


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