Change of seasons

During the day yesterday it still felt like summer here and as I write this, the weather today looks just as promising. But last night at the football game where I watched C and her fellow cheerleaders strut their stuff, I could tell fall is here. Time to change the blog's template until the snow starts falling. One of my readers has said that she prefers to read dark text on a white background, but this fall I'm changing things up a bit. I hope she continues to read. If not, she should check again in December....

Also, I am changing the Poppet Jones' Diary section of my blog. It is not interesting to see my weight fluctuate between 5-7 pounds, sometimes a few up, sometimes a few down. Weight isn't my real goal, anyway. It's health. So in the name of positive feedback, I plan to keep a log of how much I'm shaking it.  Hopefully this will inspire readers to join me in my ever-pathetic fight to keep somewhat fit. There are plenty of better examples running around Bridgewater, but as far as I know they don't have blogs. I am using to keep me honest. It's on my phone and maps where I run or walk. It automatically updates a calendar. Who knew JJ and I walked nearly 5 miles the other day. Not bad, indeed! It was sunny and warm yesterday when I jogged for 4 miles! I'm really not much of an athlete. Lots of people I know are much better and in better shape, but I actually like it.  If only I ate like a runner.... I'd look like a runner too.

Today I plan to do the same thing with the house as I've done with my cyber-room: clean-up and bring in the fall colors. Pottery Barn's latest catalog sits on my kitchen table. Leafing through it (ha) made me realize that I have plenty of things in my own stash that I've grown to love. So I welcome you to stop by next week to see our bland colors alive with oranges, yellows, browns and forest greens accenting our home.


Poppet said…
I changed the blog as it was hard to read. Sometimes you have to fix things.

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