Mountain Day - Carpe Diem!

It's Mountain Day!

That's my alma mater's "get out of jail free" day. The president of the college picks a beautiful fall day to cancel all classes. The point wasn't to catch up on homework. She encouraged all students to head to the mountains - or, well, at a minimum to spend the day outdoors. Some picked apples, some had a picnic, some just enjoyed "Paradise Pond".  It was always the best fall day!

I have pictures from Mountain Day showing my friends and I playing on the playground equipment with huge smiles on our young faces.

Today I am hoping to keep the spirit of Mountain Day alive in Bridgewater. I started the day walking with friends. Then I had an al fresco lunch with other friends where the conversation was as spicy as the salsa. There are 22 things on my to do list. (I counted). I'd like to it off and spend the ENTIRE day outdoors. Can I still summon my inner Mountain Day spirit and head to the Sourlands with the kids after school for a hike instead of making them do their homework? Can "call insurance company" and "fix flexible spending mistake" or "sign C up for cheer event" wait one more day?

I guess the answer is no. I can embrace Mountain Day, but I can't escape my life today where no one rings bells that announces to everyone "take the day off!" I can take an hour or two - or even three. But when it comes down to it, life is about balance. I hope you enjoyed today's break from the rain. It's back on its way. And I hope the students that got a free day took advantage of it. Midterms are looming... and a semester is a long time.

Carpe Diem!


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