Clean slate day!

It's the first day of school in Bridgewater.

With or without kids, I've always felt the first day of school is still an important event.  I loved the idea of a new outfit and new outlook. Everyone has the chance to make new friends, and learn something. There is no baggage, and the people you meet could make a huge impact on your life as a new mentor, or an arch enemy.

The air of opportunity is in the air. Can you sense it too? Maybe I just feel it by living vicariously through my kids. Maybe it's the impending change of seasons - well, it's still in the 80s today, so maybe that's not it. Maybe it's knowing that with every September everything starts over, yet somehow remains the same.

C had a good first day as a Middle Schooler. She described her teachers as nice but boring. Luckily she decided she won't need quite as much time in the morning. Her alarm went off at 5:30am - mine at 6am. The bus came at 6:55. Wow that was an early start.

I must check now. Where's my son, the 5th grader? He's walking home from school.*** I wish I could walk with him, but he's on his own with the neighborhood kids. Life goes on.

***Oh - there was a fire alarm that went off at his school just as buses were being loaded and now everyone has been held. N should have been home already and hasn't left yet. Guess I have to be patient and wait to hear how his day went.


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