Closet cleaning

When I run I often listen to Eminem. I enjoy lots of his music, in spite of myself. But even better than music I love running with a friend, discussing our lives, our families, our town... Yesterday KK and I ran 5+ miles of scenic Bridgewater. After we split up I ran to "Cleaning out my Closet" and got inspired to tackle mine. Literally!

The finished product: A lot of red in my closet.... 
I came home and started to clean our bedroom. First I stripped the bed and put on my favorite sheets. Then I looked in my closet and said ENOUGH.

I pulled out everything on hangers and shelves. I made 3 piles: Keep, basement, donate. (Actually a forth "dunno" formed, but that got sorted).

It seemed never ending. I had so much crap in my closet - it was a haven for "dunno what to do with this, so let's just throw it here and forget about it".

Today I'm clearing out the stuffed bags and reassessing leftover items.




I need to do this with my life. A sort of Keep, Basement, Donate for all of my intangible stuff.

Building my business/my future
Important tasks/work/house
Positive relationships
Goals I want to achieve
Yarn that I plan to use this year (literally and figuratively)

Back burner items
Classes I would like to take, someday
Travel to exotic/expensive places
Yarn that I like but have no concrete plans for using in 2012

Efforts that aren't working or counterproductive
Volunteering overload
Difficult relationships, people who take advantage of me
"Yarn that I will never use" (a euphemism)

I am pleased with my post-cleaning closet. I wonder how it would look if I did the same with my life....


As always, you've provided a very timely information for homeowners. Good job!
Jem said…
That video is awesome! No matter what, you will always be a better mom than Eminem's!!!!!!!

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