The $4 million dollar question

I'm thinking more and more about the $4,02 million that Governor Christie has cut that BRRSD's budget. Of course we are looking at cuts in jobs, but which position and how many jobs? And does it have to be that way?

I contacted the BOE and Superintendent with ONE message. Protect academics. If they cut, cut everything else first. My e-mail asked that if they want the BREA to make concessions, that the administrators take a cut in kind.

One of my friends had an idea that in retrospect was quite smart - a salary freeze across the board. Bottom to top. There may be contractual issues - but isn't that why there are loopholes? The Superintendent is likely to cut jobs, rather than do this (his salary would also be cut with my friend's plan) to look like he is "doing something big".

We live in a district where residents are exceptionally fiscally conservative. It is my guess that the budget won't pass in April with the climate as it is (but I thought this last year and it passed), unless the administration shows that it is willing to cut its own spending.

There is also an election coming up - and 4 BOE positions are open. None of the candidates answered my e-mail! If you want to be on the BOE, you should at a minimum listen to your constituents, whether or not you agree with them. Right? I spent an hour on an e-mail and only one of them could spend the 30 seconds needed to thank me for my input. If I go to the BOE meeting, that's 3 more hours of my time - in an environment where I don't know whether the BOE is listening because they very rarely respond when citizens speak.

Is it worth it to show up to a BOE meeting? In my experience, once you arrive at a BOE meeting the dye has been cast and the (sometimes) hundred people (sometimes two) who speak are only going through the motions for a group of elected officials who have already made up their minds.

They should play this as background music on Tuesday!

The sun is out and the honey do list is very long. T is a busy bee today. I guess I should get off my duff too (I've already taken both kids to 2 different TKD classes, picked C up from a friend's house and am about to bring N to his buddy's house). Sounds like T is hanging the curtain rod that I bought sometime this fall. Now I can sew the curtains (fabric I got in May 2009). Our kids' bath window will finally getting some coverage... our guests no longer have to feel like exhibitionists!


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