A letter....

Dear House fairy,

Next time I leave the house, could you please clean it, wash, fold and put away all the laundry and change all the beds while I'm out? I was hoping you would have had done it while I was running errands this morning, but you forgot. Also, please help move that extra bed into the basement now that we've "upgraded" the kids' rooms. Please hang the curtain rod so that I can measure the beautiful cloth that I bought last Spring. If you hang the rod, I'll sew the curtains. 

If you can't find the time to do all these things, please give me the patience and time to accomplish it all if I run out of time before the Nor'Easter hits tomorrow. 

Finally, if we do get the "Snowpocolyps" (or whatever it was being dubbed), please don't let the power go or the pipes freeze. I can handle the snow, no matter how deep. Snow doesn't scare me. Frozen pipes do!

Your humble servant...


PS Please explain to the dog that I'd rather he not tear apart stuffed animals in the living room, especially right after I've vacuumed.


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