it's an art...

How do I say NO?

This week alone I have said yes to people at least 3 times when I wish I'd said no. All three times they were asking me to do favors (two were even for the same person - who asked me to do a 2nd favor just as I was finishing the first one). The other is a favor that I get asked for a lot, but not always from the same person. I said yes to one former neighbor, so now I feel like I have to say yes to our mutual friend who has asked for the same favor. It isn't a big deal, just my inability to say no that irks me.  On the other hand, I wish I'd said yes to help friends deliver food at the Food Pantry, but I said no...

This, of course, does not include the hundred million favors I do a week for my relations.

I've mentioned the fact that we have a lot of guests... it doesn't include that kind of favor either. I love to have guests (now that we have a 1 week maximum on non-family policy). But usually guests mean increases in the favors as well - guests are coming next week again, and of course I offered an extra "freebie favor". It saves them a ton of money, doesn't bother me, so why not?

Not sure this song is talking about the same thing, but...

Still I wish you could tell me: How do you say no???


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