Almost perfect

It was a great weekend!!!

We drove to the Poconos through beautiful hilly scenes and small mountains filled with fresh snow. The roads were fine until just before we got to the house we rented. (Small snafu - the owner's promise to plow the driveway didn't come through until we had to threaten to sue him when the rent-a-cops said they would tow us if we didn't move the car into the driveway).

I made (if I say so myself) a great dinner while the kids played in the hot tub. Then we went tubing. Not my favorite activity - so I feel like I took one for the team - and was rewarded with a relaxing hour watching the Olympics with fine wine!

Saturday -> the slopes. A bit too crowded, but with conditions like these, who can blame them. Everyone wanted to be skiing! Two feet of fresh snow on top of a few feet of natural snow from before made the conditions unlike anything I'd skied in years. The Northeast just doesn't get enough snow most years. This was not one of them!

Saturday evening - winding down with CM's homemade sauce and pasta, a few glasses of fab wine and the hottub. CM and I sat and relaxed while snowflakes fell on our heads. It was fantastic.

Today - started with the expected stress: packing, separating our stuff and getting it into the car. This time VM lost his cell phone (or did his sister hide it???). But we all managed to get out of there, without leaving wallets, DSIs or cell phones behind.

We ended the day with 4 hours at a waterpark. It was a great way to end the weekend. If only my patience had held up one final half hour.... but when my friend insisted on washing all her kids' hair before leaving, the procrastinator in me just couldn't deal and I felt like I had to get out of there pronto. Silly me - of course the kids would want to ride together, so I ended up waiting - and feeling foolish for getting mad about something so stupid like an extra 15 minutes.

When 3 families do anything together the one thing you have to bring - more important that band-aids, towels or even wine - is PATIENCE. We've been traveling with these two other families for day trips for more than 5 years. Our yearly trips into New York, the Poconos or the Jersey Shore are a highlight of my life. So I wish I had remembered the most important thing! It's not just important as my role as a mother. It's vital in friendship too.


Jem said…
Sounds like a blast!

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