A shout out...

I don't usually use my blog to plug businesses, but today I'll make an exception...

Doggie Doo & I just got back from All Pets. Not sure if I have talked about D's adventures with the vet before. We more than a little drama last summer when D cut his paw and the other vet wanted a small fortune to make it better. For about $40 I treated the little patient with lots of patience and love, and you wouldn't know now that he'd had the cut last year. After that episode we've been considering changing vets. Now, through volleyball, we've found one.

Dr. Sam's got the same philosophy. Great care doesn't have to cost a fortune.

I hope that this is one of many yearly well check-up visits... and not one of many emergency care checks, but I know Doggie Doo is in good hands if we need it.

Thanks, Dr. Sam! See you next time, too!


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