BOE meeting...

It was beyond Standing Room Only at the Board of Ed meeting last night. There were at least 50 people in the hallway!!! Turns out - it was mostly teachers whose union spoke for them. The union can really fill a room!!!

It was almost surreal. All those people, and hardly anyone said a word at the podium. But, naturally, I had to. Without notes (usually I spend hours crafting every single word) I said my peace: "Save academic integrity. Academics are the most important thing. This is college prep for our community. Nothing else in the end matters. If you are asking for teachers to take cuts, then I expect administrative cuts on the same percentage level."

Someone read this article where all staff (teachers, administrators, etc. ) in Stowe, Vermont voluntarily gave up their raises. The person who read it asked what how much raises (across the board) will cost the district next year. Answer: ca. $2 Mil. (I.e. only half of what Christie's cuts).

Christie's educational cuts are ridiculous -since we have already paid them into the system!

I hope that what we had to say was heard, but I know that there is reason to fear the worst. Cuts that will directly effect the kids. Cuts in the classrooms. ARGH! Will C be able to take Latin? Or German? Or Chinese if she needs a plan B or C? Maybe not. What about my son? Will he have 27-29 kids in his class next year, when his Intermediate school loses all their non-tenured teachers? Who knows?!

It's been a very stressful 2010. It's one of those times in my life when I wonder if any of the decisions I have made were the right ones.

I have a friend who teaches History at the University of Hawaii.... I'm about ready to see if she needs a nanny. I have a lot of experience... and am guessing my kids and husband will be happy to join me!


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