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A break from parenting, ranting about the district or a discussion of politics on this Sunday afternoon.

I'm not a big mystery/thriller reader, but a few years ago my sister-in-law (the wife of my brother) sent me Before The Frost by Henning Mankell. Funny thing was, I recognized the author's name, looked at my shelf and discovered someone else had given me a book by Mankell a few years before, that I hadn't opened. If both of these people thought I should read his stuff, then I should. You can read more about his books and his life, at his website.

His books usually have a message - overt or subtle - about Western values and our society. Some of his works draw directly from his experiences living in the third world. I find it very interesting that someone who could live in a super-hip area of Stockholm, in one of the world's richest countries, chooses to live in Africa where he is faced with poverty on a daily basis.

Although he is rather prolific. He isn't really that well known in the US. Until now.  My other sister-in-law (the wife of T's brother) gave me his new book, The Man from Beijing. It actually has been sitting on the same bookshelf of unread book. Suddenly it seems to be everywhere! I heard a lengthy interview with Mankell on NPR. I also opened the New York Times Book Review to find a two-page spread advertising it!

I've enjoyed his books for years. I don't read many police novels - I'm not even a regular CSI-watcher. But I love the Kurt Wallander series! My brother told me they are making the series for TV - check PBS in MAY! YEAH!!!!!  I am actually marking my calendar now!

It feels strange - I've been reading this guys novels for the better part of five years (I would have started before if I thought I would enjoy them), and now my "secret" has been blown wide open. It's like my best friend is now the most popular girl at school. And I knew her (him?) way back in the day....

I think I'll hold on to my Beijing book.... and save it for when the hype dies down, and I have forgotten what I've heard about the plot. If I can hold out.....


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