Big plans... Project Jedi Knight Robes

It's good to have big plans. Like the curtains for my bathroom that I mentioned this weekend. The fabric is draped over the stairwell, just where I left it on Saturday afternoon after picking the fabric (my first choice lost).

Making it requires very little, really. It will probably take me less than an hour to measure, iron, pin, sew and hang, BUT I need  clean kitchen table to do so, i.e. to put the dishes in the dishwasher (putting away the clean dishes first) then find a place for all the papers (keep, through, put on kids' desks, and the inevitable "DO NOT LOSE" pile... hmmmmm. Then - remove the laptop. Easy peasy. Right? Should be!

I haven't even started the curtains yet. So is it a bit too much to expect that I will sew SIX Jedi robes for a mini course class I am running this spring? The directions look easy enough, right?????

That is on top of the new goal (date has been pushed back 3 times already) of finishing a sweater that I started in August (current deadline: Easter), and all the other plans I have for myself (clean house, books read, good food made, etc. etc. etc.).

But I like being inspired to make things... if only it were easier for me to follow through.

PS - Step one of project Jedi Knight Robes Done: I called Walmart (yes, I hate them, but they have cheap fabric and it isn't my money). Cotton/Poly fabric is under $2 per yard... I'll take 18 yards...... (3 yards per kid, at $2 each - a total deal!).


Update: plans delayed until I can get to the store (leaving in a bit). I didn't have the thread I needed to sew it. One hem ironed.... (I'm too lazy to hem).


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