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What happened at the Town Council joint meeting last night?

What is my gut reaction?

I knew they'd cut. "A vote is a vote" they continually stated at last week's meeting. The budget was defeated - they stated that even if it were only by 30 votes- it was a defeated budget and they felt they had to cut. So for me personally, only a $1 million cut is a great scenario - and if they are able to make up half of it through breakage, I'm thrilled. After all, they've already cut nearly $8 million before we even voted!

As a linguist do I like that they suggest cutting foreign language? No, but I didn't think my elementary-aged kids learned Spanish effectively. After 4 years of Spanish C can't understand simple questions, like "how are you?" Did they listen to my plea to keep the cuts out of the classroom? No! But when does a governing body listen to little me?!?!

Time to make NJASK breakfast... pancakes today. Spreading sunshine today...

Oh, and finally for MIL - Happy Birthday!


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