Soccer Mom's presumption

Last night our Soccer Centers trainer called a parents' meeting. I got there on time but there was no parking ANYWHERE. I met up with the other parents at 8:32. Just as the trainer finished.

I blurted out to one of our coaches, "Didn't you say it was STARTING at 8:30?" I was more mad than I should have been, because showing up for this meeting really wasn't a big deal (besides missing my date with SM for Idol).

I was stressed because I had assumed that the trainer called us to complain how chit-chatty the girls are. I assumed that he'd say something like "if they want to compete at this level they have to get serious about soccer"... and what everyone knows but no one really says in public... "their behavior is a poor reflection of their parents and you should be ashamed of yourselves".

I was completely wrong! He had praised the girls for doing a great job. Oh, and by the way, they are running a summer camp....

Should I have more faith in my daughter and team? Or maybe I should have faith in the power of capitalism?!

Nonetheless I still lectured my daughter about how disappointed I am in her behavior of late - otherwise why would I make assumptions? Indeed her behavior really isn't that bad - she likes to chat with her friends when she should be practicing. Now I'm making her favorite thing for breakfast. Even if I can't exactly bring myself to say mea culpa, hopefully she can taste it. When I've seen improvement I'll praise her audibly, but without ending with a sales pitch.


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