More than mother's day...

Today was Mother's Day. I am not sure my family noticed because today focused on celebrating my Dad. It's his 85th birthday.

While it would have been nice to get a little recognition, I am a firm believer in it's better to give than to receive. Since I got very little and I spent the day giving, it worked out. I played hostess to my Dad, his best friend from college's daughter, my sister and her kids (plus my own family). In many ways it was just another day - complete with a Wegmans run, much ado in the kitchen and a soccer game.

But I'm glad to have spent the day celebrating him. I honor him. He's a wonderful person with a beautiful disposition and brings happiness to everyone around him. I am so grateful that he is an integral part of my life. I've been fortunate to have such a smart and compassionate person as my role model for all these years.

I remember a few times in my childhood when Mother's Day coincided with his birthday. My Mom didn't always like sharing her day. While it would have been nice to have had a little fuss made about me, I am happy that I got to spend the day thinking of others, especially Dad. Actually when we celebrated his 80th birthday we also had a brunch for him on Mother's day as well.

Among the only gifts I got today (N gave me plants that I gave him money to buy at school on Thursday, C gave me a rose from her soccer team, basta) wasn't from my children, but a picture my friend posted on Facebook. It was taken 9 years ago, just a week or two before my mother died. We are all smiling.

My Dad's favorite gift was the picture that his friend brought from London. It's a nice coincidence. It's of him and my mother. They are very happy with one of those smiles that convey a special moment.

Thanks Dad for being a wonderful Daddy! You have brought so much richness to my life. I hope that as a Mom I'm bringing equal riches to my children. But how could I? You broke the mold!


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