New Jersey's rudest town???

(Written Sunday)

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I was ready to crown Bridgewater as New Jersey's rudest town.

Two people I know just scowled at my when I saw them on my street, smiled and waved hello to them yesterday morning.

On the way to a soccer game, I stopped at Panera for bagels for C and me. On the way out of the parking lot I did what can be referred to as a "California rolling stop". There wasn't much traffic, but the guy coming towards me in the opposite lane rolls down his window and says (nasty "big man" voice).


I was so shocked that all I could was gawk. I wanted to say something like a multitude of four-letter words. I was impotent! I don't think I've ever been silenced before by a man! I felt attacked - minor violence against women, but I could feel the hate!

But then with a little time and some time spent with some of my favorite Bridgewater residents (on the soccer sidelines and later on Country Club drive) I was reminded that there is kindness and warmth right here in 08807.

Or maybe I was changed my thoughts to this: we don't have a monopoly on rudeness. After my daughter's game in Sparta the coach of the opposing team refused to shake our coach's hand after the game! In front of the girls! All our coach (N) could do was raise his hands in the air and ask him "are you kidding me?!" Typical NJ moment? Or is the US just getting more rude?


Anonymous said…
i think i completely agree with u !! in bridgewater or in NJ people dont wanna smile or be nice to others !! i feel the same way .
Anonymous said…
i feel the same way !! In bridgewater or in NJ people dont wanna be nice or smile at anyone.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm actually planning on moving to Bridgewater... I've noticed some younger people - teenagers - are generally rude to everyone. I would expect better of older people these days. There are the good and bad, as with anything. But still, that male driver has serious problems. If my husband witnessed that, there'd be even worse problems.
Poppet said…
To be honest, I don't think Bridgewater is New Jersey's rudest town. Everyone who grew up in America knows that the popular girls don't greet the unpopular ones. I think one of the women who didn't greet me falls in this category.

In the once case of the person not saying hello on my street, I will say, I don't know her very well - I don't even know her name - but we've lived on the same street for six years (about 1/4 mile from each other, but still) and generally I smile at everyone.

Asshole men do apparently grow on trees everywhere in the world. I was in the wrong. I was in a toy store parking lot where one should be even more careful, since there are often kids in the car there. Still, he was a completely jerk!

If you are still looking to move to Bridgewater, I will say that I have met some really really wonderful people here. People who I know that if I left Bridgewater tomorrow morning I would miss dreadfully.

Some time this week I'll try to do a pro-con blog for moving here to give you some more idea of how I feel about my new (I've been here 7 years) town. There's a lot to consider.

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