Today is the day when the Bridgewater and Raritan Townships are meeting in special joint session to decide how much to cut from the school budget. As I write this (before coffee on Tuesday morning) I am planning to attend. But, let's face it, my record shows that sometimes I prefer TV to contentious meetings.

What I would say if I went up to speak? "I am ashamed of how poorly the negotiations have gone. I'm ashamed of New Jersey." The reputation is right: it does get ugly here! It's too late to make any changes - the dye is cast. Maybe I should say what I said the first time I spoke at a budget meeting? "When you make cuts I hope you will protect the academic integrity of our schools."

Or would that sound naive?

Saying it now makes it seem like I don't know anything about the budget or its process. Or have been living under a rock for the past 2 months. In the end, as Jeffrey Brookner was quoted in the Courier, there isn't much to say except "how much ya gonna cut"?

Hope you enjoyed the picture. I commissioned the drawing by artist "Grandpa G" for the occasion.


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