Every decent news organization worth it's reputation has to print retractions from time to time.

I do not identify myself as a news organization, nor am I a reputable source of information.

That said, it has been called to my attention that one of my recent blogs is full of bull...

Someone brought the following inaccuracies/misunderstandings/big bloopers to my attention:
  •  My claim that the budget wasn't mentioned didn't take into account that the Superintendent's report would cover it. (Duh!)
And quoted from the e-mail that brought this to my attention:
  • Closed Sessions is listed in every Agenda (at the end) because the BOE needs to give adequate public notice that there may be a need for a Closed Session before or after the regular public meeting.  And in the BOE President's remarks, it states the reasons why there may be a  Closed's usually about personnel related items or a court case. 
I guess I should have gone, so that I didn't sound so ignorant in my blog. My friend who brought that to my attention is absolutely correct! I'm still glad I hung out with (other) friends drinking wine and watching Idol instead.

Everyone gets their story wrong sometimes and in the last few weeks of heated debate and misunderstandings, strange interpretations and ill will, it was bound to happen to hot-headed me as well!  No offense intended to the BOE, the Superintendent or anyone in the audience.... Your local soccer mom hereby stands corrected.


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