Lucky Monday

When I grew up there was an ice-cream parlor that was a throwback from the 1920s called Lovells. The whole area around it is now rundown and the parlor has been out of business since at least 1984, but it had a beautiful Sunday called the "lucky Monday". I remember it was delish...

Today I feel lucky for no particular reason. I am sitting here with the freedom and quiet to read my book (think I can finish 300 pages of Cutting For Stone before book club tonight) while sipping a nice cup of coffee. My Dad is here, the dog has stopped barking since the Chimney Sweep left. (I still have "Chim chiminy chim chim chiree" chirping in my head). And the news was good. When my dear husband nearly burned down the house a few years ago he left no damage to the chimney/fireplace/flu etc. Another of life's bullets dodged.

At 1pm I'm meeting MR to continue the struggle of woman versus food. At the gym. Hopefully my thighs have forgiven me for Friday's torture followed by a Saturday evening run. :-)

And a shout out to my friend ML. I'm lucky that the bear whom she encountered while running on Meadow Road yesterday didn't eat her up! I guess I should rephrase that: SHE'S lucky... but we're lucky to still have her unscathed!

Back to reading. Can't reach my goal if I don't try.


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