Wednesday coffee thoughts

Quickie this morning:

1) Tonight is the night when the Town Councils announce how much they will cut from the district budget. It is the last chance for public input. I have heard that the dye is cast and my comments would be useless. Besides, as one of the Board of Ed members said to me last week, "yeah, we know what you are going to say". I don't think that I have any stunning new information to present. Nor any political collateral. Hopefully the e-mail (that I received something like 8 times yesterday) requesting me to go, went to enough other people. It's their turn now.

2) Our UK guest has left. It was lovely to have her and get to know our new "cousin" (isn't that what some people call the kids of their parents' friends?).  She lives in a completely different world - a bohemian world - and it was really interesting to see her life (from afar). I realize I live in a very materialistic world compared to her who buys most of her things 2nd hand - and finds some real gems. 

3) If they really do cut $3 Million dollars from the budget do I need to send the kids to private school?? Anyone hiring - I might need a job that pays about $100K with somewhat flexible hours. Doesn't exist?! ARGH!

4) Last night I spent the evening with a lot of young people - college freshmen and sophomores. It was intoxicating to be around people who have their whole lives ahead of them! They are talking about where they want to transfer (4 year institution from community colleges) and what they want to do with their lives. Oh, to be in my early 20s again. I am really disappointed that the professor is heading out of state to a 4 year school. :-(

5) NJ ASK hump day. N seems less stressed now that it has started. Language Arts testing is over, 2 days of Math and one of Science are left.

6) What's that prayer on all those Irish shawls? "God give me the patience to... " In this case, I need it not to kill my Dad. It's not easy living with a hypochondriac! 


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