It's not easy being green...

I'm supposed to be cleaning. It's 10:18 pm and I still haven't got all the crap off the guest bed so that I can wash the bedding for tomorrow. The counter tops are literally full of stuff in the kitchen. I haven't cleaned any of the bathrooms yet, but I have time to check out facebook? What is wrong with my time management skills? Prioritizing? WTH!

Like it or not, envy is a theme in my life (let's face it, it's probably an issue in yours too!). Tall blond women with silky soft hair are often the object of mine. And, of course, people who live in paradise with unlimited spending... Tonight at dinner T and I talked about how we would like to live near the ocean. "Hawaii," I said. "I want to move THERE someday!"

"Milk costs like $10 per gallon!" he retorted and I knew that if I am ever going to live there, it would only be after a painful divorce. I guess I am also jealous of people who have husbands who don't think in terms of what everything costs! If I lived in Hawaii, I could manage without milk - even in my coffee! Hell, I'd give up coffee all together to live there!!!

So when the object of 20 years of my jealousy posted that she is heading to Maui, all I could do was sigh. (This school year alone she has spent several months in central America "teaching her kids Spanish", followed by the entire winter at a posh ski resort. She went off to a spa for a week of R&R, and now she is heading to islands in the middle of the Pacific?!) I don't even think Jennifer Aniston herself has it that good!

What comes around, goes around. Curls and all, there may just be people who want who I have in my life. Just last week someone told me how much meeting my Dad made her miss hers. I am constantly told how beautiful C is. I see how the neanderthals act in my son's class and know that parents might envy the fact that I've never had a single call (knock on wood) about my son being mean. My husband has a good job, in a company that he likes with both freedom and perks. We live a life of privileged in a lovely (although not particularly neat) home and are lucky enough to travel regularly - we've even been to Hawaii twice! I have leisure time and good friends with whom I spend it. All these things are easily enviable.

So why do I always fall into the same trap? Why do snide remarks pop into my head instead of the "how lovely for her" I should feel?

The best thing about my life is that I've had so many wonderful people come into it and make it so much richer. Even L (the aforementioned blond) has made me all the richer.

One thing she must have - is a lot of domestic help...... and at 10:39 at night, when I should be out with friends or in bed with a book, I am turning off the computer so I can continue to clean up the guest room. Deal with it, Poppet! Remember, you're cleaning it because tomorrow someone new is coming into your life and she deserves a nice, clean bed! And what do you get in return? A new friend! That's enviable!


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