Definitely NOT a G-rated movie...

This weekend I took my friend's advice and watched Little Children. My friend had my attention when she said it had some of the best scenes she'd seen in a film (interpret that as you will...) but she said that I would relate to it as a suburban mom.

I have been thinking about the film for several days.

I just thought about it again now, when I saw a group picture of Moms from my son's grade. The photo was taken at a party that I wasn't invited to, although I know all of the people in the picture. This particular group of Moms often make me feel alienated and I feel like the judge me. Some of them I would call "competitive parents". Who can be the most overprotective? As I saw the snapshot, I remembered a scene from Little Children. Watch starting from about minute 2:05 through about 5:30.

That is how I feel sometimes. As if I sit on a bench several feet away from them, being judged as a bad mom for something as innocuous as forgetting snack. In fact, snack is a perfect example because I forgot to send my kids with snack almost as often as they bring it. I even sent Miss Teacher a Wegmans gift card after N said she shares snack with him every day... along with a mea culpa note.

I could write several pages about this movie (about suburban hypocrisy, longing to be recognized by your spouse, bad judgment - and not the extra-marital relationship with a hot stay-at-home Dad) but we'll leave it at that particular scene.

In my daughter's grade I think I'm can take a seat at the popular Mom's bench. But with my son's grade I'm definitely not a-list. Judgment runs strong with this clique. I just need to muster the self-confidence not to care, much as the protagonist does.


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