Tuesday - A good day!

I have a distant cousin who I have friended on Facebook. Her life is very complicated - nasty divorce in the works, estranged from her father and sister, uncertain living conditions. As much as I like being back in touch with her, sometimes I feel as though she only writes negative things. Where is the joy?

Then I began to wonder if I am not just as negative, despite my better circumstances.

So today I am happy to report I had a good day. I was lucky enough to attend my son's end of year party for his 3rd grade class. While I wished the year wouldn't end, I am happy that it ended nicely: a few outdoor games, then inside for make your own sundae. I couldn't resist - when they offered them to parents also, I had to take a nice scoop of vanilla, but instead of marshmallows, I covered the ice cream with blueberries and called it "healthy".

I came home, picked up one kid and her friend, then the other kid and his friend. Drove to TKD and took a long walk with my husband. It must be several years since we went for a walk alone together and it was wonderful! There was even a little sunshine - something we haven't seen much in Bridgewater these past weeks. We tried to train doggie-do how to walk without pulling us. Not as easy as we thought, but we tried.

As I write this, I have a nice grilled chicken breast to look forward to, an episode of Weeds to watch with T once the chickadees are in bed, and hopefully a good night's sleep.


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