Last Day of School & other things on my mind

I can't believe it is the last day. It seems like the first month (and not just because it feels like October outside). We've been lucky and continue to be. I know it sounds strange, but I love being at the school volunteering. In the summers, I miss the administrative assistants at N's school (I don't know them well at C's school), and although I haven't been helping nearly as much as I want, I love being in the elementary school library. I could be a children's librarian, I love books that much. But most of all, I am having déjà vu. When N was finished with kindergarten, I wished I had more children to be in Mrs. Kindergarten Teacher's class (my kids both had this fabulous teacher!). Today I feel that way about Miss Teacher. Through the year my relationship with her has grown quite close, so now I am confident we will stay in touch. T commented on how fast time is flying now: N has only one year left at his wonderful elementary school. I can hardly believe it either. In the fall, C will switch classes!

Today is another special day. C's first BFF, HS, is arriving in New York tonight. Tomorrow morning, we'll wake up and show her the Big Apple. HS has been running through my house since she was about 18 months old. It will be great to have her run through my hallways again after 6 years. This time as a tween. I'm thrilled to see her Mom too. She is one of my first Mom-friends. We have traveled together twice and I miss living near her.

My final thought is a sad one. My Dad's BFF, CK, got word this week that he has pancreatic cancer. He's apparently too old for surgery. Poor CK! My poor dad! He has lost so many people: his parents, his mother-in-law, his wife, his step-son, and countless friends. Two of Dad's long-time friends died in May. I don't like to use names on this blog, but I have to for this one.

I can remember my often Dad saying, "Charlie says..." with some conservative comment, and my Mom's retort was usually, "I don't care WHAT Charlie says..."

I hope Charlie keeps having lots to say for a long time.


What a beautiful memory - Charlie says - I don't care what Charlie says - two wonderful people having a completely honest discussion. Big hugs.

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