Tragedy in the news

An Air France flight has disappeared and it is assumed everyone has died in an ocean crash. How tragic! Grief beyond belief. Think of all the families that are ruined by this news.

The other tragedy is the shooting of Dr. George Tiller. How does a person justify shooting someone while they are praying at church? (Not that killing him on the street, in his office or home would have been right, but the hypocrisy of shooting someone during Sunday services is biting). I wonder if this will flare up the debate again as discussed in this NPR report.

How do either of these things relate to a Soccer Mom's mandate of raising great kids? Regarding the Air France flight: if my kids hear about it, how do I keep them from being afraid to fly when we travel so often?

The other issue - abortion - I wonder how adolescents develop any political opinions. I hope that my children have a healthy balance of agreeing with my beliefs and questioning them in order to learn to make up their own minds. That said, I want them ultimately to agree with me, especially on this issue. Don't you want your kids to agree with you?

Both of these events are tragedies! In the end, my children and yours are living in a world filled with both tragic and happy events. Teaching them to accept the tragic and embrace the happiness is a main task of parenting.


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