Dog eat dog house

I love our new dog. We got him in January and he has brought us lots of joy.

And some pain.

Yesterday was one of the painful days. He got to my knitting and chewed through a small wedding present I had been working on and off for a few days. I was planning on making a few of these dish clothes (picture above). You can download the pattern for free here. Unsalvageable. He even chewed through my bamboo (read: expensive) knitting needles. So today I bought new needles and new yarn. It was only $14 for new needles and yarn, but it was the principle of the matter.

I got very little sympathy from T who reminded me that it isn't the dog's fault. It's mine. I carelessly left the knitting where the dog could easily get it. The dog loves yarn. He's a mutt - and I think he may be part cat.

It is always easier to blame someone else. The kids being late for a practice, when actually *I* started dinner late. The house being a mess, when actually I set a very bad example. The kids going to bed too late, when I haven't organized our lives such that they are ready earlier. My non-career, when actually I am not looking for work. It's easy to blame the economy, or say the kids need me. But I am not sure what I want to do with my life so I haven't been applying for jobs.

I do want a cleaner house and to be less rushed. So maybe I will learn from this episode. It's not the dog's fault. Instead of finding someone or something to blame, I can actively change what isn't working.

And in the future I will not leave temptations like yarn and needles lying around for Cujo to chew.


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